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About Us

Robert Upson, CH, CI has a Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH) from American Pacific University. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and practicing as a consulting hypnotist (CH) and is a Certified Trainer/ Instructor (CI) for the Guild.

He has been practicing hypnosis for over 30 years. He has performed many past-life regressions, and helped clients with Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Memory Recall, Anxiety and other issues.

Robert Upson, CH is now a certified practitioner of the Sheila Grainger Virtual Gastric Band program.

Mr. Upson is active with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and is a member of their Experiencer Research Team. He is well aware of the impact on reality and emotions that experiencers suffer in their daily life. If you have concerns about possible abduction, lost time or related anxieties possibly related to an abduction, contact Mr. Upson for a discussion on how hypnosis or a consultation may help recall and resolve the impact of the experience.

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Legal Issues

Florida is one of only 15 states that regulate hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Florida is not offering hypnotherapy. We provide hypnosis sessions for personal improvement and exploration and accept referrals from other professionals. You will find on our Services page, a list of some of the many services we offer. None of these services are meant to be an option to a mental or physical health provider.

It is well documented and widely stated that Hypnosis is considered self-hypnosis. No one can be hypnotized against their will or be made to do anything they are not willing to do. The hypnotist is a guide.

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The National Guild of Hypnotists

Corporate |  Memory Recall    Past Life   Smoking Cessation  |  Weight Loss    
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